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The Manic Panic True Hue experience is an immersive concert and art exhibit that teaches people the value of self expression. 

Invite and Entrance

The color immersion has begun. Invites inspired by punk rock flyers will be placed throughout cities and the festival to give people a glimpse of the experience. Once people have arrived, brand reps will welcome them and guide them towards the concert, Dyve Bar, and art. 

Concert, Dyve Bar, and Art

Let the fun begin! Local punk bands will be taking the stage hourly to perform. Manic Panic stylists will be offering free colorings to those who dare. People can also choose to participate in the interactive art exhibit using Manic Panic dye sticks, which will also double as temporary hair dye.

Exterior Mural

Lastly, Manic Panic will ask people to contribute to the exterior mural. People will select a color and it will be added. By the end of the night the mural will host a rainbow of colors.

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